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Update #4 [Mar. 18th, 2005|08:18 am]
Well... sorta. I'm doing this today because I was dead tired when the games ended and in no mood to say something stupid here. So here it is...

We had one really good game last night, a breath of fresh air. And it was the first game to come down to the last shot. WVU/Creighton, tied up with 10 seconds left, Creighton player puts up a three, airball and it lands right in the hands of a WVU player, who quickly passes it to a teammate, who gives it to a streaking player who slams it in with 2 seconds left. Creighton had one last shot... but no dice. WVU wins 63-61.

Usually I'm cheering for the underdog in this game, in this case I would usually cheer for Creighton. But since I'm an idiot and had West Virginia making it to the Elite Eight, I had to root for them. So I was definitely glad they won...

But who cares about yesterday's games. They were just the appetizer for the main course. And that main course would just happen to be Minnesota/Iowa St. Yes, I'm very pumped up for our first tournament game in TOO LONG, DANGIT!!! Anyway, I don't know what to expect. Iowa St.'s definitely a good team (of course they are, they wouldn't be in the tourney if they weren't), and it should be a very close contest. Hopefully, we'll just want it more, play with a little extra effort and advance into the next round.

Oh, and hopefully we'll see more close games, too. There's no reason I should be watching TT/UCLA in the waning seconds when TT already has the game well in hand. We need a buzzer beater, dangit. Inject some life into this boring tourney...