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NCAA Tourney: Day 1, Update #1 [Mar. 17th, 2005|01:48 pm]
First few games are over, and already, things aren't looking good for my bracket. But who gives a crap about my stupid bracket, it was destined to suck the second I filled it out. Nope, it wasn't exactly the best 4 games to start off the day,but it had one upset and one #15 seed play pretty well. And since I love complete anarchy in the tourney, I always have to cheer for the lower seeds, regardless of what my prediction is.

The first upset, however, kinda sucked, since I flip-flopped on this game numerous times and wound up picking the wrong team. Alabama lost to UW Mil. by about 10 points, and unfortunately for them were the recipient of some really bad luck. First off, UW Milwaukee made just about EVERY three they jacked up in the 1st half, and they put up around 11-12. And the ball just didn't seem to bounce Alabama's way. 0-1 in my picks so far.

Other interesting game: #15 seed actually competed with a #2 seed, and EKU was within 5 points of Kentucky with 3 minutes left. But as to be expected, the higher-seeded team ultimately pulled it out, and won by 8. Dang... it would be nice to see a huge upset in the 1st round this year. 1-1.

Other finals: Oklahoma rolls over Niagara, and Pacific beats Pittsburgh. That last one was a tiny surprise, as most (including me) thought that Pitt would easily win. But as always, I'm wrong. 2-2 to start the day.

Need to go: Iowa/Cincy just started (2-2 so far? Nice to see two teams that really came to play....), and that congressional steroids hearing is also going on...