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OK, FINAL NCAA Predictions... [Mar. 16th, 2005|02:35 pm]
I swear. This is my final bracket. I've done about 20 different variations of my predictions, and have finally settled one this one. I think.

First off, let me say that this will undoubtedly be the worst bracket you'll see this year. I usually determine my predictions on how well they're playing, the inverse hype effect, and gut feeling. Well, after my gut delivered me 3 out of 4 Final Fours teams and Xavier and Nevada as my cinderellas last year, it ain't working this year. You'll see why below.

OK, to start out in the Midwest (it's not the friggin' Chicago region... that's so incredibly stupid):

1st Round: Illinois over F. Dick, Texas over Nevada, Alabama over UW Mil., BC over Penn, LSU over UAB, Zona over Utah St., St. Mary's over So. Ill., OK St. over SE Lou.
2nd: Illinois over Texas, Alabama over BC, Zona over LSU, OK St. over St. Mary's
Semifinals: Illinois over Alabama, OK St. over Zona
Final: OK St. over Illinois
My Reasoning: Relatively upset free region. I was considering UW Mil. to make it to the Sweet 16, but after reviewing my other asinine predictions, I decided to play it safe. Why OSU over Illinois? Illinois didn't really show me all that much down the stretch. Sure, they won the Big 10 Tourney, but they could have easily lost the last two. Plus, OSU was in this position before: #2 seed, looking to face a 1 loss team in the final... it seems to be set up quite nicely for a repeat appearance.

1st Round: Wash. over Montana, Pitt over Pacific, Ga. Tech over GW, Louisville over LA Laf., TT over UCLA, Gonzaga over Winthrop, WVU over Creighton, Wake over Chatt.
2nd Round: Wash. over Pitt, Ga. Tech over Louisville, TT over Gonzaga, WVU over Wake
Semifinals: Wash. over Ga. Tech, WVU over TT
Final: Wash. over WVU
My reasoning: Want proof I'm an idiot? Look above. Yes, that's Washington winning the region. Why? Because everyone's giving them the shaft because they took the top spot from Wake, which I think is unfair. Put them in say OK St.'s position, and everyone would put them in the Final Four. And yes, I'm taking Wake to lose in the 2nd round. This is one of those gut feeling picks, which will ultimately look completely ridiculous. Oh well...

1st Round: UNC over Oakland, Gophers (Whoo!) over Iowa St., Nova over NM, Florida over Ohio, N. Iowa over Wisky, Kansas over Bucknell, NC St. over Charlotte, UConn over UCF
2nd Round: Gophers over UNC (I am the dumbest man alive), Nova over Florida, Kansas over N. Iowa, UConn over NC St.
Semifinals: Nova over Gophers, UConn over Kansas
Final: UConn over Nova
My (incredibly mixed up) Reasoning: I already explained my idiotic reasons for Gophers over UNC, and I'm taking N. Iowa over the Badgers for biased reasons as well. I think Nova will beat Florida, though, as both teams are pretty hot right now, but Nova doesn't have the history of high expectations, lowly early round exits Florida has.

1st Round: Duke over Del. St., Stanford over Miss St., ODU over Mich St., Syracuse over Vermont, Utah over UTEP, Oklahoma over Niagara, Iowa over Cincy, Kentucky over EKU
2nd Round: Duke over Stanford, Syracuse over ODU, Oklahoma over Utah, Kentucky over Iowa
Semifinals: Duke over Syracuse, Oklahoma over Kentucky
Final: Duke over Kentucky
My Reasoning: Well, I had to have at least ONE favorite make it to the Final Four. As for the upsets, Mich St. hasn't exactly played well as of late, losing to both Iowa and Indiana (plus I needed a 12 over 5 game). And Cincy always sucks in the tourney, it should be considered an upset if Cincy wins.

Final Four:
Oklahoma St. over Washington, Duke over UConn

Duke over Oklahoma St.

My Reasoning: You're still here? Oh, well I'm basically winging it at this point, so pay little attention to these picks.

Actually, pay little attention to any of my picks. They all suck.

(Oh, and by the way, I'll be pretty active tomorrow, giving recaps of every single game. It's truly one of the greatest days of the year..)