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*Tries To Contain Excitement* [Mar. 11th, 2005|03:44 pm]
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Well, we came into the game needing a win to ... ah, screw it.


(that's a long, insanely stretched out "Yes", in case you can't read that.)

Man, I can't believe it. We're actually going to the big dance, baby!!! This seemingly impossible fantasy is about to come to fruition... and it feels AB-SO-LUTELY GREAT!!!!!!! We're going to the NCAA Tourney!!!

Oh yeah, about the game. Well, as you can probably tell, we won. And it really wasn't even close, much to my surprise. It was close for about 25 minutes of the game, but we were never in serious trouble and always seemed to contain Indiana from making a huge run. And when Indiana closed the gap to 2, that's when we pounced and put them away for good. It was 42-40 at one point... a few minutes into the game, it was 67-47. Have I mentioned that this win feels INSANELY AWESOME?!?!?!?! I did?? Oh.... well, it NEEDS TO BE MENTIONED AGAIN!!!! YES!!!

Just a great performance by the Gophers... it could quite possibly be their greatest game of the season. Great coaching, great focused effort, superb defense (did we seem to have like 10 blocks or is it just me?), and just brilliant on the offensive side. Superb, BALANCED effort... not one player stood out above the rest, but everyone with GREAT contributions. Robinson with his clutch 3 pointers, Hagen with some great passing, Tollackson coming in and providing a good boost in the few minutes he played, oh and Lawson and Coleman also pitched in with double figures in scoring. Is that everyone?? Well, Tucker didn't really play much... Stamper played well, also.... OH YEAH. I haven't even mentioned the Gophers best player, Mr. Vincent Grier. While he didn't have an EXCEPTIONALLY good game, he had his moments and had some key buckets. Just a great game...

And what a thoroughly enjoyable game to watch!!! Sure, I was nervous for most of the game, up until the Gophers made the run. And when they made that huge run, my nerves slowly began to disappear and I slowly began to realize that it was actually going to happen. And it's about to happen... WE'RE GOING TO THE TOURNAMENT, BABY!!!!!!!!!


(Alex passes out after excessive celebration)